This project launched in September 2018 and continues to be the new generation of entertainment at sea. Combining elite talent with immersive technology, our team create two brand new custom productions each year. 


Our implementation and business model allowed our client – Color Line – to benefit from high quality innovative entertainment at a sustainable price point. 


With short cast contracts and excellent ‘guest entertainer’ terms and conditions, we are able to attract elite talent from across the globe.


In Spring 2020 we will be premiering two brand new productions aboard the Silja Symphony and Serenade.


Our two international casts of four singers and six dancers will perform simultaneously. 


Moving away from stereotypical Ballroom couples, we use our established casting network to provide world-class dance couples for the ultra-luxury cruise industry – including Seabourn Cruise Line.


Our couples have exceptional training, allowing them to perform a vast variety of styles and host professional quality dance classes. 


With high-spec studios in both Kyiv and England, we are able to facilitate Creative Workshops and rehearsal periods for brand new or existing productions.